Fit Your Bit, Let’s get that better Connection!

Of course, we would like everyone to become a member of the Bit-Join Community. However, what we think is even more important, is that your horse gets the right bit. We ensure that you get a better connection, which will improve your performance.

Because Bit-Join focuses on sports riders worldwide, we can imagine that it is difficult to come and drink some coffee at Bit-Join in the Netherlands;) and buy a suitable bit. That is why we offer the exclusive service to fit your bits remotely.

Cost for “fit your bite on remote” is €59,-. In case you buy one or more bits after, you will get an extra discount of €20,- on your shopping.

What do we need for that?

– A video of all gaits under the saddle on the left hand

– A video of all gaits under the saddle on the right hand

– The videos must contain circles and exercises that apply to the level of the horse.

– Also upload a photo of the bit you are currently using

– In the text field, state the problems you are currently experiencing with your current connection

Within 24 hours you will receive our personal advice by e-mail. We will offer you 2 bits that should give you a much better connection.

Fit your bite on remote

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