Oscar Titanium

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You didn’t think the perfect bit exist? Then you haven’t met OSCAR!

In Sweden we have the word “lagom”. It’s a word that describes the perfect amount.
“Not too much, not to little”

Oscar has that lagom much of flexibility. Lagom size of the centerpiece, a thinner lozenge.The middle piece has a 30mm lozenge, which is designed to take some of the pressure off the tongue and places it on the bars encouraging the horse to come up with his head. The double joints remove the nutcracker action, as the bit stays in a curved shape, following the contours of the horse’s mouth.

Titanium has several advantages:

  • Antibacterial and Biocompatible material
  • Superior strength and extremely lightweight in the mouth
  • Increases saliva, warm to the touch and encourages acceptance
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean


105MM 12mm over the tongue
115mm 12mm over the tongue
125mm 14mm over the tongue
135mm 14mm over the tongue
145mm 14mm over the tongue
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