John Sweet Iron Universal

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John has arrived and Fager is stepping up the game! Why take one step at the time when you can take two?
John is the development of our customer’s wishes.

We needed to solve the problems of:

  • Pinching in the mouth corners
  • Palate interference
  • Quicker response

The design is unique, simple and amazing. 100% super smooth surface even around the joints. The joints will never interfere or push against the palate. A very comfortable bit that shapes naturally around the tongue and reveals the bars from constant pressure.
This design is ideal for horse’s that easily get wounds. The best part is – due to the straight design and low weight, your aids will be more direct and precise than ever before.

We also added some taste to it, sweet iron and copper, what could go wrong?

For John, we added Universal rings, just for the benefit of deciding the leverage effect day by day.

  • Reins in the bottom ring = Most leverage + the gag effect of the ring.
  • Reins in the center ring = Will work as a mix of a Baucher bit and loose rings.
  • Use a bit converter and you will get something between the two.

We recommend adding our Secure clasps and chain to John.

Then you can divide the pressure more ergonomically. The chain should be fitted so it lays just under the chin. If it´s too loose, it will not be doing any good.



105MM 12mm over the tongue
115mm 12mm over the tongue
125mm 14mm over the tongue
135mm 14mm over the tongue
145mm 14mm over the tongue


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