Harry Sweet Iron

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If you would describe your horse as something with the following;

  • Overreact when you take the reins.
  • Unsteady in the contact.
  • Sensitive bars.
  • Doesn’t seek the contact.

Harry is a stable sweet taste bit.

A steady model for horses who needs to seek more contact and keep the contact. A very good bit for horses that have sensitive bars, mouth corners and easily gets wounds.

We design them that way to keep the balance point (BP) in the mouth. If you have a bigger bend forward, you will also move the BP forward and slowing down the process of your aids. More stable and less confusing for your horse.

Harry is the perfect bit to combine with your other bits.



105mm 12mm over the tongue 60mm
115mm 12mm over the tongue 65mm
125mm 14mm over the tongue 65mm
135mm 14mm over the tongue 65mm
145mm 14mm over the tongue 65mm
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